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IMG_7264-100dpiHow do YOU show up?

For the past twenty-five years I have worked with leaders in settings ranging from global high-tech giants to entrepreneurial start-ups to multi-lateral financial institutions.

As an educator and coach to hundreds of leaders, I have learned a great deal about what it takes to make a difference. Equipped with greater awareness of how you impact others, you will show up as a leader who challenges and encourages others to deliver results that matter.

Today, as a research coordinator with Rob Cross’ Talent Leadership and Change Research Consortia, part of the Connected Commons, I collaborate with top academics and practitioners to learn and share insights into how leaders create and sustain networks of relationships that support results. I joined with colleagues to publish the Organizational Network Fieldbook: Best Practices, Techniques and Exercises to Drive Organization Innovation and Performance in 2010.

It takes focus

The core of my coaching is a partnership that will challenge you to push through limiting mindsets, beliefs and behaviors.  Honing your leadership presence takes practice, experimentation and integration. As a coach I challenge you to commit to this cycle of learning and stick with it.

Connecting to others will lead you to greater health

My clients cultivate a unique network of relationships that stimulates their learning while providing the reach and power to connect with others to make the impact they seek. But there is more. Your network can also be a source of renewal that will keep you at your best.

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Been there, done that, keep coming back

As a leader within organizations for more than twenty-five years, I carry the triumphs and challenges in my bones. Carlo Colella and I are delighted our twenty something sons, Mario and Michael, are following their passions in the US and abroad.

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In addition to my work, I love biking with friends, walking in the woods, skiing with family and practicing yoga.

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