Working With Sally

My approach to executive coaching provides a few clear differences.

First, I am committed to working with leaders to become more aware of the impact they have on others and making changes that will directly lead to the results they are seeking. Stakeholder engagement is almost always part of this equation.

Second, I am a leading expert on the networks of high performing leaders. I work with each leader to evaluate their network of relationships and make changes for the better. This includes looking for connections that stimulate thinking, connect to values and speed implementation of new ideas. The leader takes a look at their network with eye toward reducing overload to make space for more health connections. Finally the leader considers if their network is supporting greater health and wellness goals.

Finally, I understand the world in which leaders operate, and I have the proven experience and skills to help leaders change.
Coaching usually includes conversations with their stakeholders and working with the leader to interpreting their impact. Key to my coaching approach is asking the right questions, providing a safe space to explore input and practice new approaches, and encouraging the continuous learning and refinement needed to sustain change.

The nuts and bolts of working with me is as a coach are the following:

  • Commitment of 6 months, usually meeting twice a month
  • Ongoing support, as requested
  • Clear coaching goals with organizational alignment behind those goals