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Welcome 2015

For the New Year I would like to offer a body-centered reflection practice to help clarify what you most want to bring into your life and the world this year.

The practice provides questions through seven lenses.

Reflection Practice

Allow 15-30 minutes of quiet time.

Begin by finding a comfortable seat on a couch or chair. Place your feet firmly on the floor and keep your spine vertical. Close your eyes or gaze softly at a spot on the floor in front of you.

Take nine conscious, deep breaths. Breathe in for 4 counts, pause briefly and release for 4 counts.

  1. Focus your attention at the base of your spine. Feel the connection between your seat, your feet and the earth.
    What you want to do to take care of your physical body this year. Do you want to move more? What foods and beverages keep you alert and focused during the day and relaxed and sleeping deeply at night?
  2. Now move your focus to the pelvic area between your hipbones.
    What creative new ideas are you interested in exploring?
  3. Breath inward and expand your belly. Focus on the area above the navel up to the solar plexus.
    What fires you up? What courageous actions do you want to take to bring your gifts to the world?
  4. Breathe into your heart center.
    Who are the individuals you most want to spend time with this year? Are there relationships you wish to deepen or heal?
  5. Breathe into the base of your throat.
    How can you speak what is true for you while remaining conscious of the impact you have on others?
  6. Now, let your attention travel to the area above and behind the palate to the center of your head.
    What is the greater good you wish to serve in 2015 and beyond?
  7. Finally, place your attention above the crown of your head.
    Open yourself to new insights and inspirations from outside yourself.

Take a few minutes to jot down thoughts or ideas that came to mind during this reflection as well questions that remain open.
Come back to this practice for a few minutes each day and stay with these questions.


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